France and Iran sign tyre technology exchange MoU

On Tuesday 25th September France and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding under which France will engage in a know-how transfer relating to tyre production technology with the Islamic Republic.

According to local news sources, was signed by Parviz Akhavan, CEO of Barez Industrial Group, and president of French Trade Union of Rubber and Plastics, Dennis Vayan on the sidelines of the 12th IranPlast exhibition.

The agreement includes seven paragraphs such as design of tyre, design of tyre components, management of tyre production, quality of raw materials, standardization, health and safety issues, repair and maintenance, as well as logistic management.

According to Akhavan, Barez Industrial Group has the biggest tyre research centre in East Asia and the Iranian company has already obtained the e-mark for production of tyres for vehicles produced after the signing of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, such as Peugeot 2008 and Peugeot 301.

According to reports, Iran consumes 350,000 tons of tyres annually, 250,000 tons of which are domestic production, and imports are mainly from China, India, Indonesia and South Korea.

In the last couple of years some sources have suggested the Iranian tyre market could double in size. This follows several reports predicting a strong recovery of the Iranian tyre market. An earlier report into the development of the Iranian tyre market can be found here. Ongoing coverage of the Iranian tyre market can be found here.

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