ETRMA: Science & evidence-based choices essential to achieve legislative targets

The subject of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP) was also broached at the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association’s (ETRMA) Board of Directors meeting. The Board stressed the importance of political debate – both on this issue and about the wider topic of sustainable mobility – adopting a strong scientific approach, based on facts and solid knowledge. Franco Annunziato, president of the ETRMA, called attention to the “value of having law-making, guided by robust science and based on evidences, as the only way to achieve the legislators’ targets.”

In regards to the current debate on TRWP in the environment and the apparent keenness of European institutions to reach a short-term solution, the ETRMA notes that TWRP generation, transport and capture presents a “complex issue” that “involves several variables and multiple stakeholders.” The Board expressed its satisfaction with the interest shown by many different parties in the ETRMA-initiated cross-industry European TRWP Platform, which aims to form a shared view on current knowledge, while collectively exploring potential mitigation measures.

Another area of particular interest for the Board was the future of mobility in times of digitalisation. Considering the critical role of tyres in future mobility patterns, the Board reiterated the importance of service providers’ ability to access in-vehicle data and communicate with drivers/passengers so as to guarantee the road system safety and provide innovative solutions. The ETRMA therefore calls on the European Commission to ensure undistorted access to in-vehicle data and permit the rise of different on-board application platforms.

“This is an ambitious industry that has never turned away from its responsibilities. On the contrary. ETRMA wishes to remain a reliable, environmentally responsible and sustainable partner, involved in the future of safe mobility in Europe and globally,” concluded Fazilet Cinaralp, ETRMA secretary general.

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