Snow-orientated STARCO Alptrak becomes desert tyre

12th September 2018 | 0 Comments
Snow-orientated STARCO Alptrak becomes desert tyre
STARCO’s Alptrak is said to be a great example of a tyre in which the features and performance change when the dimensions are changed

The first STARCO Alptrak released 10 years ago was designed for traction on turf and other terrain. Back then, nobody had foreseen that this pattern would be later tested for the Saudi Arabian market, together with STARCO’s key customer Avant Tecno. Both jointly developed the Alptrak for desert use.

“Our machines are initially not designed for sandy conditions like in Saudi Arabia. However, we have learned that by adjusting the wheel and tyre solution, we can make our multipurpose loaders perform just as well in sandy conditions, as they do in snow, mud or on dry surfaces,” explains Raul Tsili, Purchasing Manager at Avant Tecno.

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