Nokian sponsors Scottish Mountain Rescue

From 1 October 2018, Nokian Tyres will proudly partner Scottish Mountain Rescue in a three-year sponsorship deal. The agreement will see all Scottish Mountain Rescue vehicles fitted with Nokian Tyres’ most recent and innovative products.

The tyres that will run on Scottish Mountain Rescue vehicles will have a unique innovation incorporated into them – Aramid Sidewalls. This is unique in the industry where SUV and commercial tyres have Aramid Staple Fibres built into the sidewall compound from the bead to the shoulder of the tyre. Aramid is used in military and aerospace applications due to its strength and lightweight characteristics.

“We were looking for a partnership which could elevate the Nokian Tyres brand while maintaining our global image as a premium manufacturer whose priorities lie in sustainable practises and supporting good causes and local communities. There couldn’t be a more fitting platform than with this partnership to showcase the innovation and reliability of Nokian Tyres’ Aramid Sidewalls while supporting an amazing cause such as the Scottish Mountain Rescue. Along with removing the burden of tyre related costs from the charity over the next three years, we will accrue funds from each Nokian Tyre sold in the UK which will be donated to the Scottish Mountain Rescue regularly throughout the cooperation”, said Gordon Hamilton, Nokian Tyres UK.

Kev Mitchell, vice chairman of Scottish Mountain Rescue said: “We’re delighted with this partnership with Nokian Tyres UK. Scottish Mountain Rescue exists to help people in need, whenever and wherever assistance is needed. Teams are ready every hour of every day and we need our equipment fit for purpose and ready to go. This includes all mountain rescue vehicles across the country. The partnership with Nokian Tyres UK helps us save lives in the wild places of Scotland and we thank them for their support.”

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