Apollo Tyres expands winter range with Aspire XP Winter

Apollo has introduced the Aspire XP Winter in response to sustained market demand

With the introduction of a new winter tyre, Apollo Tyres now offers some 60 winter products. The latest addition to the tyre maker’s cold weather portfolio is the Apollo Aspire XP Winter, which is being rolled out in 23 sizes to cover most popular fitments.

“The Apollo Aspire XP Winter is designed to provide superb snow handling and performance on wet surfaces, ensuring peak safety during the cold seasons,” shares Apollo Vredestein. “A multidirectional groove and sipe design enhances driving pleasure, while a hard-wearing structure, with durable sidewall and inner construction and wear-resistant polymers in the tread compound, makes for a longer lifespan.”

According to the tyre maker, the performance of the Aspire XP Winter on wet surfaces is optimised by excellent water evacuation, which results in a superb aquaplaning performance, as well as open grooves in the shoulder that maximise water dispersion when cornering. Apollo adds that the tyre achieves the best possible handling on snow through a carefully tuned compound designed especially for low temperatures, lateral sipes in the shoulder that improve traction when accelerating or slowing down, and multidirectional sipes and grooves in the centre which make manoeuvring easy.


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