Amazon offers Alexa car integration kit

Amazon has launched a developer kit that makes it possible to integrate the company’s Alexa into car infotainment systems. In addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, drivers now have a third option for navigation, streaming songs, making calls and finding restaurants, gas stations and hotels. Alexa as part of the infotainment system eliminates the need to plug a mobile device into the car.

Developers need to access the Github repository in order to incorporate Alexa as part of the infotainment systems in their vehicles. The kit is meant for use by automotive manufacturers and companies that make car dashboard systems, though any developer can get access to the system.

Use of the system by automakers would make it possible for owners of Alexa-enabled cars to listen to the music of their choice in the car with voice commands with no additional hardware.

The Alexa Auto Software Development Kit (SDK) was developed with the goal of adding automotive specific functionality and contextualizes the experience for the vehicle.

According to an Amazon blog article, the kit comprises source code and function libraries that make it possible for the vehicle to process audio inputs and triggers, set up a connection with Alexa, and handle all Alexa interactions.

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