Vredestein: Premium all-season tyres are trending

Apollo Vredestein says it is “well-placed to fulfil the UK demand” highlighted by data that was recently released by GfK Panelmarket. The tyre maker is referring to all-season tyres and opines that the Vredestein all-season range is “perfectly positioned to answer a trend which shows significant growth of all-season in SUV fitments and even more dramatic for ultra-high-performance tyres.”

According to GfK Point of Sales Tracking data that compares the market in July to June 2016/17 with that in July to June 2017/18, demand for all-season SUV fitments rose 15 per cent year-on-year while demand for all-season UHP tyres increased 40 per cent compared with 2016/17. Vredestein sees a further advantage in an apparent preference for premium products over budget tyres within the growing all-season segment.

“Marked growth in the all-season tyre sector (which according to the aforementioned data is up nine per cent overall) is not unexpected news, because we have seen that trend building for the last few years,” comments Karl Naylor, Apollo Vredestein UK country manager. “We have been investing in the development of all-season tyres for over two decades and have offered both SUV and UHP tyres in all-season long before many of our rivals.

“For a brand like Vredestein, it is reassuring to see that such growth is achieved at the expense of budget tyres: 48 pre cent of all-season sales are premium tyres (up four per cent year-on-year, according to GfK); UK consumers driving SUV and ultra-high performance vehicles seem to be more and more aware of the benefits of all-season tyres, as well as the rationale behind choosing quality over cheap products: both trends sit very well within Apollo Vredestein’s continued growth strategy and plans,” Naylor adds.

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