GRI extends First Industrial Tyres partnership

GRI has been in partnership with First Industrial Tyres (FIT) for over 10 years where the two companies have worked together in the aftermarket distribution of GRI material handling tyres in the UK. Now that FIT has expanded into Eire with operations in Dublin, so has the GRI distribution deal.

First Industrial Tyres was established in May 2010 by Edward Woolley. With over 30 years of experience in the industrial tyre business, Wooley and his team have successfully and rapidly built a business with national coverage in the UK. In 2018, Woolley saw an opportunity to expand his chain of depots with the closure of Forklift Tyre Specialists (FTS) Dublin, founded in 1979 by Tom Watson and it was with this ambition that FIT Ireland came into existence on 16 May 2018. FIT Ireland will be distributing GRI’s full line of material handling tyres to the Irish market as a premium solution provider.

The new affiliation between FIT and FTS Dublin, has paved the way for expansion and diversification of its product offerings and constituted to successful business growth; “It is with utmost pleasure that we welcome Alan Watson and his team onboard. I believe that a prosperous future is ahead of us and together with GRI as our associate, we will strive to new heights”, stated Edward Woolley, managing director of FIT.

“FIT is a leading robust and quality-oriented company that provides exceptional customer satisfaction and unparalleled levels of service. We find that these values complement and are coherent with GRI’s values of purposeful action and relentless drive, coupled with a far-sighted approach. We look forward to further developing our product and service offering to the UK and Ireland with FIT”, asserted. Prabhash Subasinghe, managing director GRI.


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