Maxam supplying agricultural tyres to STARCO

The recent signing of a long-term supply agreement between Maxam Tire International and STARCO will allow the latter to extend its wheel and tyre product range for the growing agricultural segment. The agricultural trailer and implement products supplied by Maxam will primarily consist of tyres with higher than standard speed and load ratings; these will be paired with STARCO rims and offered to OEMs as complete wheel solutions.

Commenting on the arrangement, Thomas Ballegaard, chief commercial officer at STARCO, said: “The new products enable us to offer our existing OEM customers new products for different applications than the ones we supply to today.” He added that “Maxam fits very well into our strategy, where focus is becoming an even stronger partner for our OEM customer.”

“We are delighted to be commencing a partnership with STARCO whose European OEM capability is extremely impressive – this elevates our joint OEM offer and capability to a new high level,” said Kevin Buckley, Maxam’s sales director and OE key account manager, Europe. “We are pleased that the Maxam flotation range has been recognised for its outstanding quality construction. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship working with STARCO in OE.”

According to STARCO, key customers have already shown interest, and the company will receive the first samples in August. It will present the new range at the Agro Show in Poland in September.

“We are European market-leading in wheel and tyre solutions for high-speed car trailers, compact tractors and dual wheels. Within agricultural implements we experience growth in special solutions for OEMs in the agricultural industry, so I expect us to take a notable market share in these subsegments in the coming years,” stated Ballegaard.

STARCO plans to expand its wheel manufacturing capacity to support the growth it anticipates in all segments.

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