Despite growth in larger sizes, European car tyre market below 2017 levels

According to information published by Pirelli and based upon regional association and third-party data, the European car tyre market grew six per cent year-on-year in May 2018. Overall growth occurred courtesy of strong performance within the aftermarket, which during the month was ten per cent higher than a year earlier; the market for 18-inch and larger sizes were up 20 per cent. The original equipment market in Europe declined five per cent year-on-year in May.

Growth in May wasn’t able to stop shrinkage in the car tyre market during the first five months of the year. The market was down one per cent overall, with both the aftermarket and original equipment segments decreasing one per cent. The only positive development in the January to May 2018 period was the market for 18-inch and larger car tyres – this was up eight per cent year-on-year.

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