Birla Carbon operations unified under one name

On 3 July 2018 Birla Carbon, an Aditya Birla Group company, renamed all of its entities worldwide as “Birla Carbon.” As a result former Columbian Carbon and Thai Carbon Black business will now be known as Birla Carbon.

“This is a big moment in our long history, indeed a milestone,” said Dr. Santrupt Misra, chief executive officer, Birla Carbon. “As a single global brand Birla Carbon will be even better recognized for its value offering around sustainability, innovation and global supply security. We recently launched the Birla Carbon Purpose – ‘Share the Strength,’ across the organization. Bringing all the legal entities under Birla Carbon reinforces our Purpose. One Birla Carbon symbolizes global leadership as part of the Aditya Birla Group.”

“While Birla Carbon is a well-known brand with our partners, this is an exciting change to build on this brand value to ensure all constituents see the strength of One Birla Carbon no matter where we do business,” said John Loudermilk, chief operating officer, Birla Carbon, adding: “As a single unified global brand in carbon black, it enables us to collaborate across all stakeholders and build a brighter future in the industries and communities we serve.”

Birla Carbon is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of carbon black and a flagship business of the US$ 44.3 billion Aditya Birla Group. The Company’s footprint extends across 12 countries with 16 manufacturing facilities.

Birla Carbon has two state-of-the art technology centres at Marietta (USA) and Taloja (India), besides well-equipped laboratories across its manufacturing units providing for continuous R&D.

Entities renamed as Birla Carbon 

Country Old Entity Name New Entity Name
USA Columbian Chemicals Company Birla Carbon U.S.A., Inc.
Brazil Columbian Chemicals Brasil Ltda. Birla Carbon Brasil Ltda.
Egypt Alexandria Carbon Black Company S.A.E. Birla Carbon Egypt S.A.E.
Italy Columbian Carbon Europa S.R.L. Birla Carbon Italy S.R.L.
Spain Columbian Carbon Spain, S.L. Birla Carbon Spain, S.L.U.
Canada Columbian Chemicals Canada Ltd. Birla Carbon Canada Ltd.
Germany Columbian Carbon Deutschland GmbH Birla Carbon Europe GmbH
South Korea Columbian Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. Birla Carbon Korea Co., Ltd.
China Columbian Chemicals (Jining) Co. Ltd. Birla Carbon China (Jining) Co. Ltd.
China Columbian Chemicals Weifang Co., Ltd. Birla Carbon China (Weifang) Co., Ltd.
Hungary Columbian Tiszai Carbon LLC Birla Carbon Hungary Ltd
India SKI Carbon Black (India) Private Limited Birla Carbon India Private Limited
Thailand Thai Carbon Black Public Co. Ltd. Birla Carbon Thailand Public Co. Ltd.

Source: Birla Carbon


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