Sigmavision to launch cloud-based proactive tyre sales management service

Sigmavision has announced its plans to launch TreadManager, a new cloud-based tyre sales management service developed for the tyre aftermarket. The company states that TreadManager will help tyre providers to increase sales revenue and boost turnover from tyre-related services. Registered users will be provided with tyre measurement data and management information for all vehicles scanned using TreadReader tyre measurement devices. The full range of TreadReader products, including the Hand Held scanner and all specifications of the Drive Over ramp, whether flush-fit or surface-mounted, will be compatible with TreadManager.

Sigmavision will launch the new service globally at Automechanika Frankfurt on 11-15 September. Visitors to the Sigmavision stand will be able to see a demonstration, while businesses already using TreadReader products will be able to sign up for a TreadManager User Account. For the US market, TreadManager is being unveiled at Tool Dealer Expo, Orlando, Florida, on 29-30 June.

The TreadManager Cloud Service stores all tyre tread data and vehicle information for scans carried out by registered TreadReader devices. To highlight opportunities for new tyre sales or alignment services, preconfigured TreadManager reports identify vehicles which require replacement tyres, or show uneven wear, due to incorrect inflation or wheel misalignment.

Multiple scans for the same vehicle over time can be tracked to predict tyre lifetime and advise vehicle owners when to book in for replacement tyres. Detailed customer tyre reports automatically generated by TreadReader devices are stored within the TreadManager system. These reports contain the distinctive TreadReader 3D tyre scans and very effectively build trust between vehicle owner and tyre provider.

System unlocks pro-active sales model

Sigmavision states that the new system will help many tyre retailers, who often operate a reactive tyre sales model, to take advantage of opportunities beyond those presented each day. With TreadManager, customers are contacted ahead of time to plan ahead for tyre replacement. The company argues that the new tool is a valuable way of gaining an advantage in the competitive tyre sales market, especially considering the squeeze on tyre sales margins from online pricing. Given the dynamics of tyre sales in the UK, it is easy to see how dealers could offer their customers new tyres before they would otherwise have considered changing.

For larger workshops and Dealer locations using one or more TreadReader devices, TreadManager will track activity levels by device and by technician. Also intended also for multiple workshop locations, or multi-franchised dealerships, TreadManager offers a Group User profile, for reporting across any number of technicians, workshops and franchises.

Sigmavision’s sales director, Chris Coyle, adds that the company will offer access to the new service to selected organisations, keen to explore the business benefits, ahead of the formal launch in September.

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