Z Tyres’ SUV products offer ‘Urban Proof’ options

7th March 2018 | 0 Comments

As sports utility (SUV) and crossover (CUV) vehicle growth continues to outpace that of the traditional family car, the demand for high quality tyres for these latest SUV/CUV models also increases. The typical 4×4 vehicle attempts to combine ride comfort and good on and off-road handling. But most modern SUVs are overwhelmingly used for journeys on road tarmac.

That’s why the Z SUV range is designed to be ‘urban proof’, according to the company. With precise handling in both wet and dry weather, Z ‘UP’ is a tyre to meet the demands of today’s discerning motorist. Displaying an attractive and efficient pattern design with a high silica tread compound, the Z SUV model not only focuses on aesthetic appeal but also offers exceptional performance capabilities.

With a current offering of 19 fitments for the latest SUVs and crossovers ranging from 215/65HR16 XL to 295/35YR21XL, the Z tyre range not only meets the latest optimum European OEM fitment requirements in terms of higher load and speed ratings (for example Y speed) but also displays strong EU tyre labelling – as would be expected for a tyre range based on the explicit needs of the continent’s drivers and vehicles.

For 2018 the Z tyre SUV and CUV range continues to expand with Z run-flat offerings to satisfy this latest tyre technology. Z has recently also introduced its first winter SUV line – a range of SUV/4×4 tyres designed for cold weather use.

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