Stapleton’s: With SUVs driving sales, more opportunities to sell exclusive brand tyres

Over the last year or so it has been broadly noted that the SUV/4×4 sector of the tyre market has been impressively resilient. Not just from the relatively local impact of the UK’s Brexit vote and resulting inflation and slump in certain motor vehicle sectors (in the UK at least). The tyre industry’s also been faced with escalating raw materials costs at a global level.

As our September 2017 article “Strong growth continues in 4×4/SUV tyre market”, sales of new SUVs exceeded 6 million units in 2017, up from fewer than 4 million five years before, with further growth projected to produce regional sales at 8 million new SUVs in 2022. The reason? “The SUV/4×4 tyre market is, of course, following suit: in Europe (including Turkey), ETRMA Europool data projects sales of 18 million in 2017.”

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