ITRS buys Vulcan-Vulcap

International Tire Repair Solutions (ITRS), a global distributor of tyre repair materials, has acquired Vulcan-Vulcap, a tyre repair and retread equipment manufacturer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Vulcan-Vulcap specializes in curing equipment including section repair moulds, C clamps, spotters, retread equipment and the Vulcaflex OTR system.

ITRS CEO Gilles Wauth commented: “I want ITRS to be the leader in recycling through repair, providing the retread and OTR industry with the safest certified and government-approved equipment to our customers. The goal at ITRS is to provide the safest service and we believe that starts by providing a safe, proven product that produces the best results at a competitive price.”

ITRS vice president David Dandeneault added: “The acquisition of Vulcan-Vulcap will give us the ability to control the products we provide and allow us to revolutionize the vulcanizing industry with custom products and competitive pricing.”

Based in Montreal, Canada, ITRS offers all aspects of tyre repair and is the exclusive supplier in North and Latin America of the Tap Rap tyre repair system.

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