Freeman rides to Euro enduro glory on Maxxis

Brad Freeman ended 2017 on a high, clinching the Maxxis FIM EnduroGP Junior World Championship title in the final round with the help of Maxxis MaxxEnduro Extreme Soft tyres. 2018 is promising to be just as thrilling for the Beta Boano Racing Sport team rider, as he gears up to take on The Maxxis FIM Enduro GP and British Enduro Championship, again with the support of Maxxis.

As a Maxxis rider, Freeman knows the performance he gets from the tyres gives him an edge. For the enduro world championship, he put his confidence into the MaxxEnduro Extreme Soft tyres, which are ideal for most enduro conditions and E-marked road legal. The tyre features side blocks, which provide accurate steering and handle aggressive cornering in the muddiest of conditions.

Freeman didn’t let anything stand between him and the Maxxis Enduro GP Junior Class title last year, carrying on at full speed in the last round despite his entire rear brake falling off. Speaking to Maxxis Enduro GP shortly after the race, he said: “What a day. What a season. I can’t believe it, I was having a great day, doing exactly what I needed to do, and was about 30 seconds ahead. I was ready to calm things down and just make sure I got to the finish when three corners into the final enduro test a stick went through my rear brake and jammed it on. It kept sticking on and I lost about 15 seconds.

“Then I lost my rear brake all together, so I rode the final extreme test without it. It pretty much all came down to the final cross test and I went for it,” Freeman continued. “I gave it everything. I’m so, so happy. From missing the opening round of the series in Finland I can’t believe I’m world champion.”

Maxxis International UK managing director, Derek McMartin, added: “Enduro riders like Brad choose Maxxis because they know that they are getting high quality, durable tyres that complement the conditions of the toughest enduro tracks, and we are really proud of that reputation. That confidence goes both ways, because we really believe in Brad and his ability to ride faster and smarter than his competitors, which he showed at this year’s Maxxis FIM EnduroGP World Championship. We would like to say a really big congratulations to him on the win.”


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