Swedish concept partner Colmec plans further expansion

8th February 2018 | 0 Comments
Swedish concept partner Colmec plans further expansion
Jaroslaw Towianski, general manager for Poland, Peter Eckerström, owner and CEO, and Patrick Sjölin, vice-president of Sweden’s Colmec Group (l to r) are convinced that the new mould cure retreading at the Rudno plant in Poland has elevated business to a new level

Colmec is undoubtedly one of Europe’s largest retreaders. With annual production exceeding 150,000 retreaded truck tyres, the company is a market leader in Sweden – the company’s home market – and also active in Poland, Norway and Finland. The company’s full-offer concept has evolved over the years and now includes mould cure retreads, which are sold in the above four markets under the Colmec EcoTire brand name. As we learned from company owner Peter Eckerström and his management team during a visit to the Colmec retreading facility in Poland, which was recently expanded in collaboration with Kraiburg Austria, further changes are also on the way, including a potential entry into the large German market.

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