Zenises to accept Bitcoin for all transactions

Harjeev Kandhari, CEO of the Zenises Group, has announced that Zenises is going to accept Bitcoin for all its transactions both off line and online. The company is believed to be the first tyre firm in the world to do so. Zenises reports that it has been working to develop the technology at its newly launched technology centre in Madrid and working with several experts in the Blockchain world.

Kandhari stated: “Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies are the way forward in the world today. We believe that being a customer centric company we must move with the times and offer our customers more options than just fiat currency payments. Moreover this lowers the cost of transactions for all parties involved and provides more value to our customers. We have already received our first payment in Bitcoin and all systems are go! We are now working on the platforms to accept other cryptocurrencies in the near future.”

The news that Zenises is going to accept Bitcoin comes at a time when other firms are beginning working with subscription-based tyre retail models, a concept first actioned by Zenises roughly two years ago. At its peak the Z Tyre Flat Rate system partnered with as many as 600 dealers in Germany, however this isn’t presently running in that form and previous German partner Saitow AG has since re-branded the scheme as Tyreflix. Tyres & Accessories has contacted the company for further details on this.

Jorge Crespo, general manager of Zenises Group commented: “At Zenises we are always trying to bring about change for good. Whether it be through the work of the Zenises foundation or disrupting the value chain to ensure more value for the consumer. We believe that tyre manufacturers now emulating our concept will lead to a fundamental and irreversible shift in the way tyres are consumed by the end user. We believe that this change will be good for the consumer and all involved in the tyre industry. We are proud that our team could bring about this disruption that will soon change the tyre industry forever.”

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