Michelin: Early adopter sings AxioBib 2’s praises

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A farmer from Northern Ireland says his working day has been transformed by Michelin’s new AxioBib 2 tractor tyres – after becoming the first person in the country to fit a set.

Richard Lyons, who farms hens for free-range eggs and 180 acres of wheat and barley with his father on their 250-acre farm near Bushmills, County Antrim, ordered the tyres for his 2017 John Deere 6155R Ultimate Edition after watching an AxioBib 2 demonstration video sent to him by Phillip Armstrong of local Michelin Exelagri dealer JB Tyres, showcasing the fitment’s versatility.

Michelin’s latest agricultural tyre boast the highest load capacity on the VF 650/65 R42 174D/171E market, and Lyons specified the AxioBib 2 in size (VF) 540/65 R30 for the front axle and VF 650/65 R42 for the rear. “I’m proud to be the first farmer in Northern Ireland to be running on AxioBib 2 tyres and I’m so impressed with their all-round performance, especially given the wet conditions we’ve had,” comments Lyons.

“Tractors are getting heavier, so there’s a growing need for tyres to handle substantial loads while protecting the land. These AxioBib 2s are designed to do both, so it’s a win-win. Running at low pressure creates a larger footprint and spreads the load out, preventing damage like soil compaction,” he adds.

Lyons claims an almost complete absence of wheel slippage thanks to the “incredible grip” possible with the tyres’ soft pressure, even when driving uphill on soaking wet soil. “Whether ploughing or drilling on wet land or dry, I’ve been massively impressed.”

Designed for 160hp to 320hp tractors, AxioBib 2 bridges the gap between the existing XeoBib (120hp to 180hp) and AxioBib (300+hp) ranges, and with its introduction, Michelin can now offer Ultraflex technology for all high-horsepower tractors.

Each VF 650/65 R42 AxioBib 2 tyre is capable of carrying an extra 2,450 kilogrammes at 65kph than the same size Michelin MultiBib tyre, and can operate at up to 70km/h. The Narrow Rim Option (NRO) tyres can be selected without upgrading to wider wheel rims.

Although Lyons spends most of his working day in the field, he reports that the AxioBib 2 is a quiet tyre. “Most tyres driving at speed on the road make a fair amount of noise. With AxioBib 2s, there’s nothing. Not so much as a hum.” He also praises the tyres’ self-cleaning ability: “In just the distance of two lengths of the tractor, 90 per cent of the big lumps of mud have gone, so by the time I hit the road my tyres are virtually clean.”

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