Euromaster targeting 25% online growth in 2018

Online business accounted for 15% of all Euromaster sales in 2017

Michelin reports an aim of growing online sales through its Euromaster retail network in the UK and Europe by 25 per cent in 2018. This projected growth follows a 30 per cent increase in online sales through Euromaster this year, with online sales accounting for 15 per cent of all Euromaster sales in 2017.

Further afield, Michelin states that its Tyreplus retail network in Asia will also make the move to e-retail in 2018. In addition, its YepGarage click-to-sell offer for independent retailers, which is based on the Tyredating platform and already available in seven European countries, is currently being rolled out in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. YepGarage has also just launched a new offer: click2sell to Network is designed to help wholesalers run their own retail networks.


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