Change at the top for Mai Italia

Having worked for Mai Italia SrL for over 40 years, Renato Mai is retiring as president and CEO of the company. He will assume the post of honorary president; a position created by the shareholders that carries no management duties. Renato Mai will be succeeded as managing director and CEO by Federico Fiorini, who has over 15 years’ experience in the field of speciality tyres.

Mai Italia was founded in 1953 by Renato Mai’s brothers, with Renato joining the company eleven years later. A servicing dealer for speciality OTR, mining, port and industrial tyres, the company also designs OTR and industrial wheels for special applications and holds two patents for certain wheel designs. Mai Italia covers the whole of Italy, calling on its experience and knowhow to offer a full pre- and after-sales service to end users. It has also entered into strategic agreements with local servicing partners, who distribute its products and provide an after-sales service in certain regions of Italy.

The company holds extensive stocks of tyres and has exclusive distribution rights for Maitech, MRF and Goodride Speciality products. However, being a dealer of speciality tyres means much more than merely supplying a product and Mai Italia works closely with both end users and OEMs to ensure that tyre life and performance is optimised and tyre-related downtime kept to a minimum.

Quality is very important when it comes to speciality tyres and this applies as much to the service offered as much as the product itself. Mai Italia is ISO 9001 accredited and TÜV certified.

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