AvanTech: Sentury Tire launches US tyre subscription scheme

Sentury Tire is launching a new tyre subscription scheme in the USA. The company, which is currently in the process of setting up a new production facility within the country, has launched a service there under the AvanTech name.

With prices starting at US$17.95 a month for a set of four AvanTech-branded tyres – subscription rates depend upon tyre size and model, as well as annual mileage – the AvanTech programme covers tyre installation, road hazard coverage, two tyre inspections a year and service. AvanTech promises an end to “measuring tread depth, uneven wear issues or unexpected repair costs.” Tyres damaged by “everyday road hazards” will be replaced free of charge.

In a statement, Rami Helminen, chief executive officer of AvanTech Tires, compared tyre ownership with cable television services, commenting that today’s consumers don’t want to be tied to a single provider. “We’re addressing the needs of a new generation of drivers who prefer an affordable, more convenient and hassle-free option that provides them with fresh, quality tyres on an as-needed basis, along with peace of mind and zero hassles.”

The AvanTech service is currently only available in certain regions of the USA, however AvanTech Tires intends to gradually expand availability.

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