Most UK miss vehicle checks in long journey planning

New research shows that, while British motorists try to avoid the stresses that can be attributed to long drives by planning their journey ahead of time, most don’t do proper vehicle checks.

The research of 1,000 British motorists finds that over a quarter (26%) of drivers prefer to map out the route and just under a fifth (18%) like to check they have the right insurance cover before setting off. And only 1% of motorists admitted they don’t plan at all.

Also revealed are the differences in the way that male and female drivers prepare for long journeys. Women surveyed tend to plan for the potential risks by checking they have the right insurance (21%) and ensuring they have a breakdown kit in the car (20%). In comparison male drivers tend to focus their attention on the vehicle; checking oil and tyre pressures (21%) and making sure their servicing is up to date (21%).

Matt Dyer, managing director of LeasePlan UK, said: “It’s encouraging to see that British drivers are taking necessary checks to ensure they are prepared for a long drive. But a concern that only one in four (25%) drivers are actually prioritising basic vehicle maintenance checks. Driver’s safety is one of our primary concerns, we would always advise drivers to take the time to give their vehicles a quick once over. As these checks not only help maintain the health of the vehicle, but can also cut down the likelihood of having an incident.”

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