Hämmerling supplies millionth Athos truck tyres

One of the largest tyre wholesalers in Europe has celebrated its attainment of a new product landmark. Hämmerling – The Tyre Company’s Paderborn site issued the millionth delivery note for its Athos truck tyre range. The recipient of the delivery was a dealer in Scandinavia. “Just under a decade after an Athos tyre first left our warehouse,” says Olaf Hoppe, managing director of Hämmerling Group Holding, “we are now one of the most important and Europe-wide valued brands in the truck tyre segment.”

The idea of developing a truck tyre of its own originated at the end of the 1990s. Using extensive knowledge of the trade and the production of truck tyres, and Hämmerling’s contacts with various trailer manufacturers, the current CEO Ralf Hämmerling began the development and construction of the company’s own truck tyre production as a solution to a permanent procurement and supply bottleneck, especially in trailer tyres.

The first delivery of an Athos tyre took place in 2007. In 2009 new sizes and dimensions were added. Today the Athos commercial vehicle tyre brand offers a complete range of sizes and profiles. These can be used for the front axle and rear axle as well as for trailers, light trucks, construction vehicles or buses. Customers include more than 3,000 dealers across Europe, as well as original equipment manufacturers like trailer manufacturers such as Krone, Fliegl, Kögel, Ackermann and Wielton.

Hämmerling attributes its success to the long-term experience of the company, and the good basic conditions of the Athos truck tyre. Building on a competitive purchase price, Hämmerling states it is possible to run more than 200,000km with reduced consumption. The tyres’ dead weight has been reduced from 73.4kg to 69.3kg, while they are built on retreadable carcasses.

Athos tyres are also feature development according to European standards and what the wholesaler calls German quality assurance. The company is able to leverage its wholesale business to provide high availability from Germany, fast logistics in Europe and the Athos service network, which can be used simultaneously in 24 European countries.

Highlights of the range include the HG2340D Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified tyre for the rear axle and the HG2152eco – Athos ecoTrailer, both of which are characterized by fuel savings.

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