GSF Car Parts to reintroduce Bendix brakes to UK with exclusive distribution deal

The Parts Alliance has secured a long-term exclusive Western European distribution agreement to sell the Bendix brand of braking products. The agreement covers a full range of light vehicle aftermarket product categories. The company will initially focus on friction material products used in braking systems.  GSF Car Parts, a subsidiary of The Parts Alliance, has a long history selling Bendix braking products in the UK. The new marketing programme will highlight Bendix’s historical reputation for quality, and the benefits of increasing quality options for the consumer in deciding between replacement parts.

The Bendix brand has been a leader in braking technology for nearly 100 years. It was used in the development and manufacturing of the first four-wheel automotive braking system in 1924.  Bendix also introduced the first semi-metallic brake pads and the first duo-servo hydraulic drum brakes. By the late 1960s Bendix was the world leader supplying automotive braking products to more vehicle manufacturers than any other producer.

“We’ve been working on this project for some time, and we’re delighted to reach the position to once again offer the Bendix brand to our customers,” said GSF Car Parts managing director Jonny West. “Our business will continue to invest in the Bendix brand which has always been associated with exceptional quality and product innovation by our customers.”

Peter Sephton, chief executive of The Parts Alliance, said, “We are pleased to help GSF Car Parts achieve their ambition of returning the Bendix brand to the UK automotive aftermarket.”

GSF Car Parts anticipate Bendix products will be available for trade garage customers from GSF’s national branch network as early as this autumn.


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