Champion launches new braking portfolio

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has launched a new Champion braking range to complement its existing aftermarket products portfolio. The expansion is designed to make Champion a “one-stop-shop”, Federal-Mogul states, by providing a full range of essential service components. The official unveiling took place at Equip Auto in Paris from 17 to 21 October.

Champion’s comprehensive braking range for light vehicles includes brake pads, brake discs and brake shoe kits, providing significant coverage of the European car parc. Additionally, with the upcoming launch of Champion lighting, the brand now offers OE-quality items for all regular service components, including ignition, filters and wipers.

“We are excited to announce Champion braking and the significant expansion it brings to the brand’s portfolio, which has evolved into a full service pack offering,” explained Ronald De Wilde, brand manager, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, EMEA. “From ignition, braking and filters to lighting and wipers, the brand is now a single point of sale for all routine service items. Customers will not only benefit from convenience but also in the knowledge that any service they carry out is backed up by Champion’s renowned quality, reassuring to both them and their clients.”

The Champion brand now covers five product categories: ignition, braking, lighting, filters and wipers. Ignition products include spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils, control units and wire sets. The filter range incorporates air, cabin, fuel and oil filters. Lighting consists of xenon, halogen and miniature lights. The available wiper products include Aerovantage premium quality wipers, the Easyvision compact range and the Rainy Day value line. Finally, with brake pads, brake discs and brake shoe kits, Champion offers all relevant braking service products as well.

“With this complete offering, Champion is now the preferred partner for all service components, including iridium spark plugs, slim flat blade wipers and an extensive range of filters,” concluded De Wilde.

This year marks Champion’s 110th anniversary, providing the spark for the vehicle that made the automobile ubiquitous, the Ford Model T. Since then, its ignition, wipers and filter products have been trusted by the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. The expansion is supported by Champion’s extensive R&D and engineering facilities throughout Europe.

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