Be quiet – Yokohama launches its “most silent tyre ever”

Yokohama Rubber is about to release its most quiet tyre to date. It won’t be coming to the UK or Europe any time soon, however – the Yokohama Advan dB V552 is intended for sale in Asian markets, arriving in an initial range of 24 sizes next month. The launch portfolio begins at size 155/65R14 75H and goes up to 265/35R18 97W XL.

The new tyre replaces the Advan dB, which was launched in 2009. Yokohama Rubber says the Advan dB V552 is based on the concept of “an unprecedentedly silent tyre that changes the in-car atmosphere” and is intended to deliver “an amazingly calm in-vehicle atmosphere” and a “more pleasant in-car experience to drivers.”

Numerous tyre elements, including tread pattern, profile shape and internal structure, were reviewed “from a zero-basis unbiased by past designs” in order to reduce noise energy. The tyre’s wet grip performance and fuel efficiency are also said to have been greatly improved by the application of a newly-developed compound that raises the dispensability of the silica within the compound.

Going forwards, the Advan dB V552 size range will be expanded to meet expectations for a more silent ride from drivers of a wider variety of vehicles, from premium sedans to premium minivans, electric vehicles, hybrids and compact cars.

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