Evergreen Dyna redesigned to deliver for UK 4×4 drivers

Evergreen Tyres’ recent relaunch of its Dyna range includes two key SUV/4×4 patterns; the DynaControl ES880 and the DynaComfort ES380. The Dyna range was introduced in 2016 with redesigned tread patterns and tyre constructions. The brand states that the result of this is improvement in steering, fuel efficiency, all weather grip and road noise, important performance characteristics to the UK market.

The Evergreen DynaControl ES880 high performance tyre improves high-speed handling and comfort via its asymmetric tread and structure design. The tyre also has a compact shoulder arrangement to improve handling stability particularly when cornering at high speed. The Evergreen DynaComfort ES380 SUV pattern improves drainage in the wet, while increasing handling and comfort in all road and weather conditions, the manufacturer states. The upgraded asymmetric tread pattern is designed to reduce noise levels.

Evergreen Tyres UK commercial manager, Peter Cross says, “The Dyna range continues to gather momentum with 4×4 motorists due to its innovative patterns, which are proving to be excellent value. Whether its parents on the school run, motorway drivers or tradesman racking up high mileage in their vans, there’s an Evergreen Dyna range tyre for everyone”


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