Accessibility and affordability driving 4×4 market – Maxxis

Global tyre brand and Cheng Shin Rubber wholly owned subsidiary, Maxxis has created a portfolio that is particularly strong in the 4×4 tyre market, with an emphasis on the more extreme off-road conditions an important part of its marketing strategy. The accessibility of the 4×4 and SUV car market to more budget conscious motorists has increased with lower priced vehicles entering the booming market. As such, Maxxis is positioned as a lower cost alternative to the traditional premium brands, though also offering global brand recognition through its activities in extreme sports.

Large, specialist competition tyres such as the Trepador M8060 (bias and radial versions) and the Creepy Crawler M8090 offer off-road performance to extreme users, but have obvious knock-on benefits for enthusiasts with more conventional machinery. The trend for increased SUVs and 4x4s extends beyond enthusiasts, of course, and this is where Maxxis’ lighter price tag comes into play. As a result of this combination of value for money, quality, and performance, Maxxis tells Tyres & Accessories that it has witnessed an increase in its 4×4 tyre sales.

Providing a solution for off-road drivers, the Bighorn MT764 was added into Maxxis’ expanding portfolio two-and-a-half years ago. Introduced to provide greater stability and comfort in mud, snow and all terrains, now it is gaining greater prominence for the performance it is able to achieve – including improved traction and braking on all surfaces – as well as its striking tread design.

maxxis-extreme_offroad2Whilst the MT764 is a full bodied off-road tyre, and thus captures the imagination for its rough and ready looks, Maxxis’ all-terrain tyre, the AT771, has also won over the heart of the market for its ability to offer lifestyle functionality, as well as great value. The AT771 offers a balance between on and off road use, meaning that it is able to deliver greater performance in all conditions and increased handling on the road, owed to its stiff – but comfortable – carcass.

Aside from superficial trends, alternative market movements have also contributed to the growth of 4×4 tyres, as Maxxis’ specialist tyre manager, Andrew Reitzner, explains: “As a result of market growth, drivers are becoming much more aware and selective of their tyre choices. Range expansions and the availability of more extensive catalogues means that consumers can now make more considered decisions, based on their unique lifestyle demands and day-to-day requirements. As such, the aftermarket has become much more active, and it is our role as a manufacturer to keep up with the growing and changing demands and trends.

“The 4×4 tyre market has been given a new lease of life. In particular, the pick-up truck market is growing by as much as 22 per cent year on year, as they have become more accessible and affordable. This trend has spurred a greater demand for a broader range of affordable 4×4 tyre sizes, and fortunately Maxxis’ Mud Terrain and All Terrain 4×4 offering is able to meet these growing needs.”

As well as the MT764 and AT771 tyres, Maxxis’ other key offering for the four-wheel-drive market is the HT770 tyre. This was designed for premium highway terrain, and boasts extra peace of mind during towing and hauling.

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