Tyres in Stock launches new webshop

Tyres in Stock’s online shop has details of more than 30 million tyres. The firm reports that it has always done its best “to make the process as quick and simple as possible”. However, recently Tyres in Stock rebuilt its online presence to accommodate the growth that the firm is expecting.450 suppliers already offer their products through Tyres in Stock, which is active in over 15 European countries. The new software allows the business to pursue what it perceives to be growing international possibilities.

“At Tyres in Stock, you will always find the right tyre,” emphasises Danny Slingerland, representing Tyres in Stock UK, adding: “The new online shop achieves this and more. We have focused on user-friendliness, so our customers can order and have their tyres delivered as quickly as possible. An excellent search functionality is an absolute must with such a large stock of tyres. The ‘autocomplete’ search functionality automatically provides all possible keywords that fit the query, which makes it more specific. The search will get even more precise with extra filters and the option to search for specific vehicle types (car, motorcycle, lorry)…”

“With this upgrade, we are ready to further conquer the English market,” concluded Danny Slingerland.

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