Trico revamps retro-fit upgrade beam blade programme

Trico has recently revamped its “Retro-Fit Upgrade” beam blade programme, Trico Neoform.

Neoform blades allow customers to upgrade to the latest in beam blade technology from the originally fitted standard conventional blades. Beam blades offer a more uniform pressure distribution, resulting in a clearer wipe and extended lifespan, are aerodynamic with less windlift and are manufactured using the Trico patented twin point coupler design and OE formulation rubber.

The new design uses the Trico pyramid style packaging that has already proved extremely popular in its ‘Flex’ and ‘Force’ beam blade programmes. This new packaging looks particularly striking in retail environments, and also allows the consumer to view the blade before purchasing.
Clear fitting instructions are printed on the rear of each packaging sleeve, as well as a QR code linking to the Trico online catalogue and product information.

Trico product and brand manager Sam Robinson said “We are encouraging retailers to take advantage of an extra profit opportunity, by offering the customer the choice of upgrading to a Neoform beam blade whenever they require a conventional blade. This gives their customer the benefits of a premium quality, higher performance product, and also gives the retailer a higher margin sale with beam blades retailing for an average 50 per cent more than the equivalent size conventional blade.”

To help launch these new blades Trico also offers new carton merchandiser ‘pre-pack’ kits, containing 64 blades in assorted sizes, full colour header board, application catalogue and an in-store poster.


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