Omsk carbon black production to start in 2018

Omsk Carbon, the Russian carbon black manufacturer, has announced that its new carbon black site will begin production in the second quarter of 2018 – a roughly 18-month delay compared to the original plan.

The new production site in Mogilev, Belarus, is the company’s third production site and will produce carbon black destined for tyre treads and casings with a capacity of 160,000 metric tonnes per year.

The unit is expected to reach full capacity by 2020 with output going to the European and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.

Valeriy Kaplunat, chairman of the board of directors of Omsk Carbon, said: “We are proud to announce that we will carry out a test launch this year. We are doing our best to make our Mogilev plant the world’s most advanced facility in terms of process equipment in our industry.”


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