Double Coin opens Canada distribution centre

Huayi, which trades under the Double Coin brand name has established Huayi Tire Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. According to reports, the location reduces delivery times for the firm’s truck and bus and OTR tyres.

John Hagg, Huayi’s vice president of sales and operations, said: “This new distribution centre is the backbone of our expansion beyond our factory container direct programme. A container of tyres can take as long as 90 days and sometimes longer to get to a customer. Our new Vancouver facility will get commercial and OTR tyres to them much sooner — within 7 to 10 days, even to our customers in the eastern provinces.”

The new site can hold 15,000 tyres, the company says.

Huayi Tire Canada is headquartered in Markham, Ontario and handles marketing and distribution of consumer and commercial tyres.

The new business will reportedly source it’s stock from a new Double Coin factory in Thailand, which was completed in July.


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