ZC Rubber installs artificial intelligence system

ZC Rubber has installed a smart factory project based on the ET industrial brain artificial-intelligence (AI) service system for manufacturing launched by Alibaba Cloud. The goal is to “greatly improve the production in the factories”, according to the company. The cooperation between ZC Rubber and Alibaba Cloud reportedly started at the end of 2016.

“It is gratifying to be one of the leading enterprises in China to operate the AI system offered by Alibaba Cloud. ET industrial brain is the best way that we always want to deal with the data efficiently. It maximizes the value of the production data and helps us increase machine output and decrease waste products through data collected from equipment.” said Zhang Limin, vice president of ZC Rubber.

After half-year operation of ET industrial brain, ZC Rubber increased 5 per cent efficiency on the mixing rubber based on the artificial intelligence that can help match the optimal synthesis scheme, reducing the cost and improving the quality of mixing rubber.

“ZC Rubber is driving the Industry 4.0 revolution at the factories, which is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. ZC Rubber will have in-depth discussion with Alibaba for further cooperation in the areas of tyres and storage to perfect the supply”, the company said.

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