‘IDEA’ honours for two Nexen tyres

Further ‘silverware’ for Nexen Tire – two of the South Korean manufacturer’s products, the N’Fera AU7 and the Breathre concept tyre, have received International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

IDEA is sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America and known by some as the ‘Academy Awards’ of the design industry. Nexen Tire comments that it is “one of the most renowned design awards, along with the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and the ‘IF Design Award’ in Germany.”

The N’Fera AU7 is the first commercially-available tyre to have been selected as an IDEA winner. Recently released in North America, the ultra- high-performance tyre for high-end saloons is said to boast “outstanding driving stability, handling and braking performance at high speed and features reduced tyre noise generated during driving.”

Breathre, explains Nexen Tire, is an “air purifying concept tyre designed to contribute to reducing the recent environmental problems such as air pollution and fine dust.” The tyre features embedded filters that catch pollution and fine dust, re-discharging purified air back into the atmosphere. “Breathre was reviewed favourably for having suggested a new paradigm for the tyre industry,” comments the tyre maker.

“Nexen Tire’s product competitiveness was proven by the prestigious IDEA design awards received by Nexen Tire’s commercialised and conceptual products,” said Kyung Woo Cheon, the company’s executive vice-president of R&D. “Nexen Tire will continue to lead the industry with differentiated product competitiveness, in addition to the innovative and active strategies.”

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