Hella Hengst’s successful introduction

Since its launch in April, Hella Hengst has been heralded a success in the aftermarket, largely due to its original equipment (OE) heritage and depth of range. In such a popular market, a new filter brand has to have a distinct offering, which is something that Hella Hengst possesses and is therefore, experiencing increasing demand.

Particularly when it comes to filtration, both independent workshops and motor factors want a product that has a reputation for high quality, but is reasonably priced and with excellent availability. Due to Hella’s logistical abilities and Hengst’s specialist knowledge and manufacturing expertise, motor factors and garages can benefit from this combination of the best of product and service.

As Hella has a wholly owned 90,000 sqft warehouse, motor factors and by extension, garages, are able to comfortably order Hella Hengst filters without the worry of there being limited stock. Hella already has reliable and effective logistics in place, so customers can be assured that they will receive their product quickly and efficiently.

Crucial to the strength of any brand is its ability to provide the solution for the greatest number of applications. With more than 1,600 references for passenger car and light commercial vehicle for air, cabin, fuel and oil that cover more than 90,000 applications and 95 per cent UK car parc coverage, Hella Hengst provides motor factors and their customers with the answer.

Hella Hengst customers also have the additional benefit of a dedicated team, including four UK product managers and six UK business development managers, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience of the UK’s filtration sector. Heading up this team is head of product management, Mark Adams, who is well known in the automotive aftermarket: “The Hella Hengst alliance is definitely one for the industry to take advantage of! For starters, the warehouse is immense and because it’s owned by Hella, we stock as much as we need, which means we can react immediately to our customers’ requirements.

“The Hella name also assists us, as it’s such a globally recognised brand – and a respected one at that – distributors and installers know that they’re getting the very best, whether it’s the product or the customer service.”

These products are available on all major platforms, including TecDoc and Autopart/MAM. Another added benefit to assist technicians in the fitment process, is that relevant fitting instructions are included in every cabin air filter box. These small, but convenient, added value benefits are what have made Hella Hengst, after only a few months of being in the UK market, a popular filtration supplier.

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