Tyre Safety Month Briefing: Initiatives to broaden campaign’s impact

Representatives from national organisations will unveil their tyre safety initiatives for UK motorists at the briefing

Initiatives to be announced at TyreSafe’s annual Tyre Safety Month Briefing next month are expected to give the UK’s tyre safety charity’s driver education campaign a wider impact. In addition to presentations on TyreSafe’s own activities and its launch of Tyre Safety Month 2017 materials, representatives from national organisations will unveil their tyre safety initiatives for UK motorists. These plans, states TyreSafe, will further elevate the profile of tyres on the UK’s road safety agenda.

Detective Superintendent Paul Keasey, chairman of the National Roads Police Intelligence Forum, will discuss a national proposal that would see all forces across the UK supporting TyreSafe’s campaign. Focusing on increased engagement with and education of drivers, further details and the planned timeframe for its roll-out will be revealed at the Briefing.

Louisa Phillips, senior programme manager of Highways England’s Strategic Safety Team, will provide an update of the safety programme currently being delivered while also identifying opportunities to raise the profile of tyre safety across different driver groups. These opportunities include the New Driver Initiative, working in partnership through regional safety coordinators, and Driving for Better Business.

Samuel Abdullahi, regulatory team leader of Brent & Harrow Trading Standards, will offer insight into the effective investigations of part worn dealers in his jurisdiction. The results of the Brent & Harrow Trading Standards team’s activities, which were supported by TyreSafe and funded by the NTDA, provide an exemplary model for further investigations.

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson will host the Briefing, and in addition to launching the dedicated materials for October’s annual Tyre Safety Month, he’ll present the latest information developments affecting tyre safety in the UK and an overview of TyreSafe’s year-round activities.

“Since its inception in 2006, TyreSafe has consistently raised the profile of tyre safety: the initiatives to be announced at this year’s Tyre Safety Month Briefing will broaden the impact of the charity’s educational campaign even further,” said Jackson. “These developments underline the ever-increasing importance of tyre maintenance to the national road safety agenda. TyreSafe urges all stakeholders to attend the Briefing to hear first-hand the significant announcements to be made.”

The Tyre Safety Month Briefing takes place on Thursday 6 July at the Belfry Hotel & Resort, Wishaw and is free to all tyre and road safety stakeholders. Reservations can be made using the online booking form at www.tyresafe.org or by contacting theteam@tyresafe.org.

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