Ronal R10 Turbo approaches its 40th anniversary

Monday 12th June 2017 | 0 Comments
Ronal R10 Turbo
Ronal R10 Turbo

Developed in late-‘70s motorsport, the Ronal R10 Turbo alloy’s simple, flat-faced design is approaching its 40th birthday. The wheel is currently available in a selection of attractive finishes and fitments, including a ball polished surface targeting performance sectors.

The Ronal Turbo traces its roots to Harald Ertl, a successful racer who even enjoyed a brief dalliance with Formula 1. Ertl approached Ronal and pressured CEO, Karl Roland Wirth, to produce him a lightweight wheel for his Group 5 Lotus Europa, one which would draw on the company’s industry leading knowledge of lightweight alloys. The result was a three-piece ‘split rim’ originally called the Ronal Racing, a design based upon Ertl’s specifications and designed specifically for his Group 5 Lotus.

While designed for use on race tracks, the Ronal Turbo has been available for road use since 1983, the year that Ronal opted to re-design it to meet the unique demands of the public highway. To achieve the optimum functionality, strength and cost structure, the wheel was executed as a one-piece aluminum cast wheel with easy-clean, bright turned outer face. At the same time the wheel’s name was changed from Ronal Racing to Ronal Turbo, the new moniker a reference to its radial spokes, a design feature intended to aid brake cooling.

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