FER celebrates 80 years

The Federation of Engine Remanufacturers (FER) is celebrating its 80th anniversary throughout 2017 and has promised to develop even further to ensure it can keep up with an ever-evolving motor trade.

John Gray, FER president, said: “Over the years, many of our members have diversified and are very much multi-specialists in all things remanufacturing gaining a prestigious reputation. We use our wealth of experience to guide and educate the motoring public to ensure the highest standards are met wherever possible and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

From the very beginning the federation has been environmentally friendly helping to save the environment by remanufacturing engines across all industries using combustion engines, and as a result of this, it has accumulated a large membership of leading engine remanufacturers all working to the British Standard BS AU 257: 2002.

With technology continuing to evolve, some FER members have also expanded into reconditioning turbos and major units, while others are agents for turbo manufacturers.

Formed in 1937 to establish higher standards of workmanship within the industry, the Federation is now the only corporate body representing engine remanufacturing in the United Kingdom. The FER offers a range of services to members including technical support, dispute resolution advice and, an industry-renowned code of practice.

Gray continued: “We are committed to protecting our environment and have naturally experienced many changes over the course of the 80 years that we have been in service and we’ve had to adapt accordingly. At present the rate of technological advancement is phenomenal and we are constantly embracing this shift and utilising new technology to further benefit our industry.

“As we begin to look forward to the next 80 years, we are considering the effect modern engines will have on our members, as well as the array of legislative changes that continue to be put in place. The future of engine remanufacturing will no doubt be incredibly interesting and we will work hard to ensure that we do not fall behind and remain as relevant as ever before.”


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