Pyrolyx signs US plant construction deals

Munich-based recovered carbon black (rCB) manufacturer Pyrolyx has signed two agreements that will advance plans to construct a rCB plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA.

The company has signed a multi-year supply agreement in the US with an unnamed masterbatch manufacturer that calls for Pyrolyx to supply rCB sourced from end-of-life tyres for use in colourants, special effects and additives that go into masterbatch. The deal involves securing long-term supply with a price advantage, Pyrolyx said.

Pyrolyx has also signed a 10-year feedstock supply contract for end-of-life tyres in the US, which the company says is a key step in the construction of its rCB plant in Indiana. The end-of-life tyre supply contract provides about 40,000 metric tons per year of scrap rubber to Pyrolyx and recycles 4 million waste tyres per year, the company said.

The achievement for Pyrolyx in these agreements is having a buyer secured for a substantial share of its output as well as a supplier for all of its new plant’s required feedstock, the company said.


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