Six Galgo winter treads certified according to ECE – 109R Annex 10

Galgo has designated six further treads as genuine winter patterns according to ECE – 109R Annex 10

Galgo has extended its portfolio of pre-cure treads for winter use. The Mexican materials supplier reports that six additional winter tread patterns are now branded with the Snow Flake symbol. These “Winter Range” patterns are eligible for 3PMSF certification after passing the tests set out in ECE – 109R Annex 10 and thus demonstrating their increased grip and traction performance. The six treads that have gained the Snow Flake marking are the Winter Regional Drive (WRD), Winter Grove Traction (WGT), Nordic (NRD), Mud and Snow (MS), Bus and Coach (B&C) and Super Single Trailer Construction (STC). The 3PMSF certification applies to all tread sizes for these patterns.                     sg

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