Michelin sole tyre supplier to Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Michelin Scorcher 21

The latest Street Rod from Harley-Davidson will be equipped with the new Michelin Scorcher 21 as original equipment. Michelin comments that the motorcycle manufacturer’s decision to go with the Scorcher 21 is “the latest demonstration of the mutual confidence and synergies that have flourished between the two companies since 2007 through a partnership founded on the co-development of advanced technologies.”

The Scorcher 21 was developed over a period of two years, time Michelin says was required to ensure it addressed “the new Harley-Davidson motorcycle’s technical configuration and owners’ needs as accurately as possible.” The result, adds the tyre maker, is a tyre that “combines outstanding grip on wet roads, stability and smart cruiser styling.”

The Scorcher 21 makes used of aramid fibre, and in addition to offering added damage resistance, Michelin says aramid gives the tyre a lightweight feel and high speed stability. For the compound, Michelin has used all-silica Silica Rain Technology (SRT) tread compounds; these reportedly deliver grip in cold, wet and damp conditions, and also contribute to longer tyre life.

Looks, comments Michelin, are an essential part of the cruiser world. For this reason the tread pattern of the Scorcher 21 – a derivative of that found on the Michelin Scorcher 31 – was co-designed by Michelin and Harley-Davidson to “comply perfectly with cruiser styling cues, while catering for the vagaries of urban streets and uneven road surfaces.”

The Harley-Davidson Street Rod is the manufacturer’s twelfth model to be fitted with Michelin Scorcher tyres. The Scorcher 21 is available in a choice of two sizes: 120/70 R 17 M/C 58V Scorcher 21 TL (front) and 160/60 R 17 M/C 69V Scorcher 21 TL (rear).             sg

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