Autogem to exclusively distribute Tire Profile software and hardware

Autogem is exclusively distributing Tire Profiles Inc’s TreadSpec and Groove Glove tyre tread depth and wheel alignment diagnostic equipment. Tire Profiles is designed to help auto dealers and repair shops sell more tyres, wheel alignments and other “around the wheel” repairs, by providing equipment and processes that create “a sound repeatable process”. The solution works on the philosophy that “it is not the measurement that matters but rather what one does with the measurement which has driven”.

Commenting on the news, Tire Profiles representative commented: “Autogem has come very highly recommended to us from multiple players in the automotive industry in the UK. Their success with other technical products such as TPMS and their reputation as a company who puts customer service at the heart of their culture makes them a perfect fit. We put our full faith in Prashant Chopra and his team and look forward to developing the UK market together!”

Prashant Chopra, Autogem managing director and NTDA vice chairman commented: “We are very excited to have the UK exclusivity for the Tire Profiles suite of products. Autogem was founded in the 1950s selling exhaust fittings and consumables. The exhaust industry has gone through great change and as we took over the business in 2005 we rapidly steered it towards the tyre sector. The release of our exclusive and revolutionary i-sensor TPMS solution allowed us to forge stronger partnerships with our customers by helping them generate more revenue for their businesses as well as save on their consumables expenditure. The Tire Profiles solutions fit perfectly with our vision to provide and support the best revenue generating, award winning products and services available. It is our job to lever our experience and enable our partners to achieve the fastest possible return on their investments whilst engaging with their customers in a professional and consistent manner.”

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