Japan/Oceania: Yokohama OE on Toyota Yaris

Yokohama dB E70, BluEarth E70 and S73

The all-new Toyota Yaris, or Vitz as it is known in Japan, will come equipped with Yokohama tyres in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Yokohama Rubber shares that three of its tyres, the Yokohama db E70 in size 195/50R16 84V, BluEarth E70 in size 175/70R14 84S and S73 in size 165/70R14 81S, have been approved for the car, which was launched on 12 January.

The Yokohama dB E70 was developed with an emphasis on quietness, and in addition is a highly rigid tyre; Yokohama says this rigidity delivers “superior stability and a comfortable ride while contributing to the vehicle’s low fuel consumption.” The BluEarth E70 and the S73 feature the basic design and materials technology used in the Yokohama Rubber’s BluEarth global tyre brand.

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