IntelliGrip Urban: Goodyear’s smart tyre concept for future transport solutions

IntelliGrip Urban’s technical features aim to maximise uptime and energy efficiency

Goodyear is confident that on-demand transportation has a bright future, and at this year’s Geneva Motor Show it has presented its concept of what tyres for autonomous electric urban ride-sharing vehicles may look like.

The IntelliGrip Urban concept tyre features all the bells and whistles one could wish for in a connected future in which cars tend to be shared and used rather than owned. The tall and narrow tyre – itself the favoured shape for reducing rolling resistance on electric vehicles – is fitted out with sensors that give it the smarts, enabling the IntelliGrip Urban to support autonomous vehicle control systems and sense road and weather conditions. By gathering this data and sending it directly to the vehicle’s computer system, it enables the car to optimise speed, braking, handling and stability. The IntelliGrip Urban’s sensor technology would also allow operators to precisely identify and resolve tyre-related issues before they happen

“With a focus on vehicles for future urban areas, the IntelliGrip Urban concept tyre’s technical features aim to maximise uptime and energy efficiency. This is crucial for ‘Mobility as a Service’ providers to offer improved mobility to their customers,” said Jean-Claude Kihn, president of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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