BreakerLink announces new partnership with BreakerPro

Managing director of BreakerLink, Justin Smith

One of the UK’s leading online car parts finder services, BreakerLink has announced a new collaboration with BreakerPro, a leader in breaker yard stock inventory management software. The move will instantly allow all the current users of BreakerPro to access request for parts from BreakerLink, potentially opening them to new and increased streams of revenue and dramatically reducing the time breakers must allocate to the quoting process.

The managing director of BreakerLink, Justin Smith said: “Essentially the software functions as a stock system. Breakers upload their inventory and then when they download our latest requests, if they have the part in stock, the automated software alerts that a quote is to be sent to the customer. The breaker does not have to worry about quoting on time as the whole process is now automated.”

He added: “The BreakerPro system will only download our requests, then it runs a specific module that allows it to despatch quotes. When a quote is matched with a part, a call back is sent informing us to send out information to the client. It’s really that simple.”

This represents an upgrade to the BreakerLink systems, helping subscribers access a wider marketplace and improving the number of enquiries that convert into sales. With the assistance of automated software, breakers can now turn around quotes in a matter of seconds, helping them win business with a fast response.

Currently BreakerPro already offers integration with some of the leading online sales platforms including eBay, and Google as well as other market specific portals.

This new collaboration means that second hand parts sellers will be able to sell more stock through BreakerLink with lower overheads for manpower and resources, who at the same time will be able to fulfil more end user requests.

Some of the functionality of the new system includes an easy update interface with the facility to add part numbers and photos, which allows access both via desktop and laptop, greatly reducing the amount of time needed for dismantlers to operate an effective online arm to their business.

With additional functionality for breakers and an increased trove of information for customers, the system should help BreakerLink offer an improved service both for clients and their final end buyers.

The partnership offers benefits to customers as well as sellers, the company adds; those who use BreakerLink as a source of their second-hand parts will be able to access what it calls “an unprecedented choice of parts and suppliers” through its website.

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