Agricultural logistics co-operative signs Michelin solutions tyre management policy

The three-year, price-per-kilometre Effitires deal covers the co-operative's 36 Scania and Volvo trucks

The Openfield co-operative that helps harvest, store, and market crops for more than 3,500 farmers across the UK has appointed Michelin solutions to manage its tyres. The three-year, price-per-kilometre Effitires deal replaces a transactional agreement with a competing premium tyre brand, and covers Openfield’s 36 Scania and Volvo trucks, plus a mixed fleet of 46 bulk tipper trailers.

Keith Hughes, head of fleet at Openfield, says: “We’re a small fleet with a big challenge – transporting crops from members’ farms all around the UK. Uptime is key, especially during the busy harvest season, and that’s what sold us on Michelin solutions’ Effitires package: everything is geared towards keeping our fleet on the road, and productive.”

Under the contract, Michelin solutions will inspect all tyres fitted to Openfield’s fleet on a monthly basis, supporting fleet compliance and safety. Inspectors also make tyre servicing recommendations, which helps ensure the maximum longevity from every single casing. The aim of this is to minimise downtime for tyre replacement.

UK-wide breakdown cover is also provided as part of the contract. Hughes says: “Should one of our trucks have to stop due to tyre-related downtime, we simply call it in and Michelin solutions handles the rest. Effitires offers peace of mind that should an issue crop up, however unlikely, we’ve got a support network ready to swing into action.”

Openfield fits tyres from the Michelin X Multi range under the contract, which offer maximum versatility and safety on all types of roads. Hughes adds: “Our trucks can be on farm tracks one moment, and motorways the next. We need tyres that can handle anything, and Michelin fits the bill perfectly.”

Michelin solutions will manage tyre fitment and servicing via a network of local independent tyre dealers, regional chains, and nationwide supplier ATS Euromaster, in order for Openfield to access fast and convenient support, wherever its vehicles may be, including rural areas.

As part of the deal, Openfield will also take advantage of the additional layers of rubber built into every Michelin tyre, with Michelin solutions regrooving its tyres to take advantage of their most fuel-efficient state, and retreading worn casings, cutting down on the ecological impact of manufacturing new tyres – an added bonus for the environmentally-minded co-operative.

Formed in 2008, Openfield’s team of industry experts and traders use their market knowledge to ensure its farmer members get the most from their harvest, by handling all transport and sale requirements in-house, and allowing the farmers to focus on maximising annual harvest.


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