Kumho positioning Ecsta PS91 as affordable premium performance tyre

Monday 6th February 2017 | 0 Comments

Kumho is aiming the Ecsta PS91 at supercars and fast saloons
Kumho is aiming the Ecsta PS91 at supercars and fast saloons

The new Kumho Ecsta PS91 is now available in the UK and “aimed squarely at supercars and such mouth-wateringly quick passenger saloons.”

The tyre is available in 18 to 20-inch rim diameter sizes in a Y speed rating, and according to Kumho, the focus with the PS91 is on maximum grip and braking performance in the dry, combined with outstanding feel in all conditions. The manufacturer is said to have utilised motorsport technology to create the tread compound, the result being a material that optimises grip and maximises high speed durability. Another factor it employed to aid durability is its ‘3D dimple technology’. This maximises heat dissipation and thus has a positive influence on wear rates. The sidewall also contributes to the tyre’s overall performance through a design that supresses vibration, thereby improving comfort and reducing noise.

Rear fitments for the asymmetric-patterned Ecsta PS91 are endowed with additional block stiffness, a quality best appreciated when fitted to powerful rear wheel drive cars.

Kumho comments that “much thought has also been applied to the tyre’s aesthetics,” with the tread around its slim outer groove featuring a series of “dynamic racing flags,” while the sidewall is enhanced by patches of “trendy triangular engraving.”

For many drivers, the best news of all may, however, be the price – Kumho states that the Ecsta PS91 is “decidedly competitive when compared with that of its premium brand rivals.”

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