Mitas releases agri tyre pressure app

Users can obtain the recommended pressure for their tyres by entering just three parameters

A new app from Mitas aims to help farmers easily find the correct pressure for their tyres when using them in the field and on the road. Versions of the app are available for Android, iOS and Windows devices and can be downloaded at . To obtain a tyre pressure recommendation, users only need to select the appropriate tyre size, set up speed and cargo weight.

“Mitas is aware of the importance of the correct tyre pressure settings for agricultural work,” comments Pavel Kott, product manager for Mitas agricultural tyres. “Tyres with the right pressure not only cause less damage to the soil through compaction but also provide better traction, lower slippage and positively influence fuel consumption.”

The Mitas tyre pressure app’s interface allows farmers to quickly choose their tyres from a list of available Mitas tyre sizes and tread patterns. The option also exists to perform a full text search by parameters. The speed can be set in miles or kilometres per hour and the cargo weight (load per tyre) in either kilogrammes or pounds. The resulting tyre pressure is presented in psi or bar.

“Correct tyre pressure is key factor which influences the productivity of agricultural work and I believe this new mobile app brings added value to our customers, the farmers,” concludes Kott.


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