Heuver adds wider fitments to Barkley agricultural tyre range

Last year, Heuver Tyrewholesale announced its intention to place greater emphasis upon the agricultural tyre segment, and backed this statement up with the rollout of the Barkley brand, a range the wholesaler holds distribution rights to throughout all of Europe, including the UK. In response to customer demand, Heuver Tyrewholesale has now expanded the Barkley range through the addition of a new, wider BLA01+ tractor tyre sizes.

“We are there for our customers, and not the other way around. This means we listen very closely to their wishes,” says Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We received a lot of requests for wider tyres, particularly in relation to tyres like the Barkley BLA01. People didn’t necessarily want larger sizes, but wider treads. We communicated this to the manufacturer, who immediately rose to the challenge. That is why Barkley is now available in five sizes via the so-called + version – the BLA01+. We are thus responding to needs in the market.”

Upon announcing the launch of Barkley last year, Bertus Heuver commented: “With Barkley we’ve filled a gap in the market. We were searching for a good brand that gave us the freedom to sell large volumes in countries like the UK, Poland and Italy.” The wholesaler also stocks Barkley truck and OTR tyres and will supply these to markets where it does not sell the Aeolus brand.


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